The RS-BoardScannerQ system combines traditional sorting functions with dimensional measurement, knot and defect detection, quality inspection and cut optimisation. The tracheid function makes it possible to discover changes in the wood fibers, which would otherwise be hard to detect with vision camera units only. For example, we can see bright knots and distinguish between dirt stains and knots. The system is compact and modular, meaning it can be built into your existing facilities without the need for major reconstruction.

We have started a user group and the first event was held in the autumn of 2015.

RS-BoardScannerQ 2.0 at full speed:

Take a closer look at RS-BoardScannerQ 2.0 (animation)


RS-EndSorter inspects the butt end of the boards and supplies information about its properties.

For more information, please contact: 

Roger Svensson
Phone +46 155 559 57

Johan Kihlgren 
Phone +46 155 55 968