Rema and Sawco have been in the business for a very long time. Now, the RS family of products contain the collective knowledge of Rema and Sawco combined. This will give our customers a competitive advantage.

 will make it possible to see the inner properties of your logs. This equipment can be added to an existing 3D scanner.

RS-3D Xray in combination will open up untought-of log sorting possibilities

RS-FlexCon is our operator's chair with the comfort of the operator in focus

RS-LogSort is a PC system for log sorting

RS-TimberInventory manages the log inventory in real time

RS-Opt is a full 3D optimisation system for logs and cants. It's running in real time and will maximise the yield

RS-Z Logturning finds the best log turning angle and controls it

RS-Line is cant measurement control monitoring the sawing process and highlights inaccuracy

RS-Con is measurement control in the sawline giving fast feedback on dimensions of the center pieces

RS-BoardScannerQ is automatic inspection and cut optimisation in green and dry sorters

RS-EndSorter inspects the butt end of boards and supplies information of its properties

RS-Control is the umbrella term for our knowledge in controlling machinery, electric motors, photo cells etc. in the sawmilling processes

RS-Point is a point laser for manual board sorting

RS-Safety is the name for our machine safety systems in the various production units in a sawmill

RS-Power is the name for our knowledge in power distribution

AIT Application - Integration - Traceability

We can also supply data from the diferent processes to administrative systems like invoicing and inventory.